Thursday, June 4, 2009

let's play...TWENTY QUESTIONS!!!

Is it the origin of the urn to which John Keats wrote an ode? yes
Is it the home of the parthenon? yes
Is it the home of the pantheon? no
Is it the home of the vatican? no
Was it home to the first Olympic games? yes
If you get a salad of this type, will it most likely have kalamata olives and feta cheese? yes
Does it have an island named Lefkada? yes
Do people of this nationality stereotypically have big and fat weddings? yes
In the sisterhood of the traveling pants, does Alexis Bledel travel here and fall in love? yes
Does Pete have a cafe on Colfax featuring this type of cuisine? yes
Was Aristotle born here? yes
Is it bigger than a bread box? yes
Is it bigger than Texas? no
Is it close to Cuba? no
Is it sometimes prefaced with "ancient"? yes
Did Paul teach here on Mars Hill? yes
Is it home to the Acropolis? yes
Is it home to the coliseum? no
Will the writer of this blog be going here in September and staying in a house with a woman native to this place? yes
Are the coasts the most romantic and beautiful in the world? yes

Can YOU figure it out?

The first to get it right will get one free gyro of your choice.


Stephdeezy said...

I want to watch the sisterhood! Yay for the home of the beautiful men! Mmm hmm delicious greecian men! Will you be sure to pick one up for me? THanks

Julie said...

Hey hold on now... I get back in November and you are leaving me???? How long? What will you be doing? Sounds like fun... tell me all about it in person when I see you this week! :^)

JennieB said...

I am so jealous! And so excited for you at the same time! And good for you for staying with a native, more authentic that way!

Tawna said...

Ashlee? You have a blog?

Mollie said...

Its GREECE......Where's my eyro??????? This is Greg by the way!

Stephdeezy said...

umm so you need to update...esp since the whole retraction incident